Our Team


Our team has developed a successful process in which data is uncovered and overlaid producing clear, verifiable, non-repetitive, unbiased information optimizing a custom approach and enabling our Mediators to efficiently process that information.

De-duplication of data, adding visualization while layering predictive analytics to public records and open source data to make the data more valuable and easier to use for streamlined efficient returns.

License Plate Recognition Team

LPR data permits us access to a 4 specific network providers assisting and improving our process uncovering historic location within Minutes.
Our clients more effectively optimize their portfolios, reduce losses, detect fraud, and manage risk by leveraging our location intelligence.
We access over 140,000,000 unique scans per month for increased returns and revenue
Nationwide in over 300 major markets
Visual confirmation
Location & Frequency
Distance from given address
Less Depreciation


Our Team of Mediators are seasoned professionals with over 125,000 Claims successfully resolved in the last 5 years. We operate under strict compliance guidelines to insure a seamless path to success. The combination of accurate data handled by our staff has created a successful model to negotiate your toughest situations.

Our capacity to have real time connectivity to selected information providers, coupled with our database of interactive services, enables us to make contact at an efficient pace therefore using integrated technologies with our partners to retrieve the most reliable and updated data available.

· Fully customized and Performance driven portfolio management
· Compliance and Claims Management
· State of the art platform dispatching real time updates to everyone involved in Specific Claim
· Designated Analytical Staff providing access to the comprehensive data sources


DRS has assembled a network of contracted agents nationwide who are licensed and bonded, that have the ability to facilitate asset recovery at a moment’s notice, We receive GPS Data locations on vehicles all over the country and dispatch out within minutes of verified location.