Identity Theft – Fraud Solutions

Identity Theft Solutions:

Identity Theft can be difficult for a company because the information provided is real and will pass most fraud detections in place. With our data team we are able to quickly see the entire data profile and see discrepancies used; such as phone numbers having no association. With that data profile we are able to make contact quickly, and support both the victim and our customer in connecting properly and assisting in the immediate and necessary steps to file the proper paperwork with the local Police Departments. We are then able to focus our attentions to the discrepancies, to see if any of the information leads to the person committing the theft. With our data abilities, LPR systems, and skilled mediators we are able to locate and recover a high volume of these cases.

Fraud Solutions:

Fraud accounts can be more difficult, but sometimes offer the same results when a person committing the fraud leaves a small amount of real information that we are able to capture and expound upon. We also keep a record of where Identity Theft accounts, Fraud Accounts, and Theft Accounts are recovered in order to quickly focus our attention to common areas within the state to make a fast recovery of the asset.