Full Service Forwarding Company

DRS Is a full service forwarding company. At DRS we take an assignment and manage all phases from beginning to end. We are able to do this through our unique and customized data analysis approach at the forefront. By initiating our management through our analysis matrix, we are able to better utilize our team’s efficiency to your specific needs. Through proven data, our data, mediation and recovery agents are traditionally able to bypass random addresses, dry runs and cold calls in order to expedite the quickest resolution possible for all parties involved.

Through years of working in the industry, we at DRS have been able to build and cultivate long term business relationships nationwide. With this experience, we have built a professional national network of licensed and insured recovery agents. Along with the proper credentials, all agents have been vetted as to ensure their possession of legitimate facilities that meet the highest standards of security.

At DRS we are continually monitoring compliance with our compliance officers and staff. In conjunction with staff compliance we also monitor staff performance. By monitoring both in tandem we have been able to develop a business model that ensures we are an ethical and professional leader in the industry.